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Ready to elevate your leadership, impact & brand to the next level?

Elevate in 90 Days is a program designed by a leadership coach to address the widespread critical development gaps & pain points she observed with busy & stretched leaders across 20 years as a coach.

Setting up these key management systems has helped me lead a team of 70 more effectively. The Strategic Communication Strategy, the Structured 1-to-1 Meetings Template and the Strategic Meetings Calendar have been very powerful. It led me to enrol 12 leaders in my team in this program.

Vanessa Nativo, Director Finance Services

The aim of the Elevate program is to shift busy people leaders from operational and reactive to strategic, planned & organised, empowered with systems and tools to confidently and effectively lead their people, and the know-how to drive their own development, brand and career paths forward.

Every week participants experience a bite-sized piece of critical and highly practical learning, and take immediate action to elevate the way they lead themselves, their people and in the business.

Present and past clients include

As someone fairly new to a Team Leader role this course provided an amazing opportunity to focus on improving my skills rather than getting stuck on the daily ‘hamster wheel’.  The tools and systems provided during the course were great and will help me be more strategic in future meetings and discussions.  The course is structured in short sections over a number of months which gives participants the chance to implement and reflect.  Reflection on my own strengths, career goals and areas of development was key to the program with the structure resulting in more constructive discussions with both those in higher level management and those in my team.  Unlike many courses where you attend and then put the booklet aside afterwards this is one course where I can see myself continuing to implement my learnings far into the future.

Tamara Scenna

How would it transform your leadership & confidence if in 90 days you:

Or perhaps the better question is, what is it costing you, the team and the business if you're not doing this NOW?

The ‘Elevate in 90 days’ program challenged my assumptions and approach to leading a team of 60 in a complex environment. It’s helped me to lead better, to stay on course and to have the resilience and energy to ride the waves of the storms that inevitably occur in all leadership roles. The tools have helped me to manage the ‘noise’ and focus my efforts on the activities that benefit my team and organisation.  I delegate better, I communicate better and I’m more strategic and less reactive. The program and the tools provide lifelong benefits.

Malcolm Gibson - Chief Radiographer Dandenong Hospital, Monash Health

Hi, I'm Rachael Pickworth from MAD Leaders (Make a Difference Leaders).

For the past 20 years I've been supporting leaders to take their leadership and careers to the next level.

I have identified the fundamental activities of high performing leaders, and the specific frameworks and systems that make a dramatic difference to a leader's confidence, sense of control, impact, strategic activity and both management and leadership effectiveness.

I compiled these learnings into Elevate in 90 Days, where you’ll get decades of experience delivered in bite-sized weekly lessons, along with practical systems and tools for immediate, tangible results and lasting behavioural change.

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I have learned and grown so much in the 90 days. I think the thing I got out the most is the connection with my one up manager.  Sharing my journey on what I have learned and what I’m delivering has developed a working connection.

Nicole Hirst, Customer Services Manager

One Critical Shift Per Week, In Just 90 Minutes

Practical & relevant bite-sized learning

The program consists of 4 live virtual workshops and weekly lessons, Elevate in 90 Days focuses on learning, implementation and integration.

Leadership Uplift Across Your Business

Elevate may include 1 or 1000+ participants

The advantage of multiple leaders journeying through the program together is peer support/accountability and leadership capability and capacity uplift across the business.

Built-in Support

Managers are a key part of this journey

Managers attend part of the initial live workshop and during the program support participants with feedback, and discussions about development planning & delivery planning. Managers also receive informative emails during the program to stay abreast of the development journey, support participants to stay on track and help embed the learning.

Self-driven 360-degree feedback

You are in the driver's seat

This unique feedback seeking process will be the most valuable part of the program. You will be able to identify exactly how you need to grow and will have strengthened your brand and relationships with people around you in the process.

I was pleasantly surprised to understand how my team views some of my key strengths. I feel more confident in acknowledging that I have some great skills in leadership and that these will help to build a good culture around the team. 

Steven Morrow


Next public program begins Wednesday 30th March, 2022.

Live Workshop Dates: Mar 30: 10am to 12.30pm (Manager of participant attends the first hour)
May 4: 10am - 12pm | Jun 8: 10am - 12pm | Jul 15: 10am - 12.30pm

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$ 3000 + GST per participant
  • 13 weekly lessons, with 4 live Zoom workshops
  • One critical shift per week
  • Built-in support and accountability
  • Highly relevant and practical lessons
  • All lessons are virtual
  • Access to course resources for 12 months
  • Discounts available for NFP & multiple participants

Customisable & co-branded program

The program may be tailored to suit your organisation.




Kick Off Workshop

via Zoom
Weekly lessons run until 28th April



Kick Off Workshop

via Zoom
Weekly lessons run until 28th July



Kick Off Workshop

via Zoom
Weekly lessons run until 12th October



Kick Off Workshop

via Zoom
Weekly lessons run until 2nd Dec

I’ve learned the importance of strategic planning that aligns branch and divisional objectives and how crucial recurring calendar meetings are to ensure that my direct reports feel informed and supported. I’ve also learned how to raise my profile in the organisation and communicate my intended career trajectory.

Thelma Kilikidis, Team Leader

I understand that being organised is a key step…it’s important to set time for myself to plan and take control of my own leadership. Also, the importance of meetings with purpose, being accountable and having regular catch ups to allow for staff to share their challenges and goals.

Gareth Richardson

Overall I’ve learned that setting up a strategic calendar and implementing it is an agile approach to improve my leadership skills particularly in terms of continuous improvement and change readiness. Furthermore, the course provided end to end practical tools to articulate my career goals.

Sofia Fitzell


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