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How to upskill the leaders in your organisation

Setting up these key management systems has helped me lead a team of 70 more effectively. The Strategic Communication Strategy, the Structured 1-to-1 Meetings Template and the Strategic Meetings Calendar have been very powerful. It led me to enrol 12 leaders in my team in this program.

Vanessa Nativo, Director Finance Services

Hi, I'm Rachael Pickworth.

For the past 20 years I've been supporting and coaching leaders around the globe.

Over the years I began to notice the fundamental activities of high performing leaders; the specific frameworks and systems that make a dramatic difference to a leader's confidence, sense of control, impact and both management and leadership effectiveness.

I compiled these learnings into a simple, bite-sized online leadership program. You’ll get decades of experience delivered into small weekly lessons, along with practical systems and tools for immediate, tangible results and lasting behavioural change.

One Critical Shift Per Week, In Just 1 Hour

Practical & relevant bite-sized training

Delivered over 13 weeks, with 4 live virtual workshops and weekly lessons, Elevate in 90 Days focuses on actual learning, built-in accountability, implementation and support.

Leadership Capacity Uplift Across Your Business

Can be delivered to 1 or 10,000 participants

The advantage of multiple leaders journeying through the program together is peer support/accountability and leadership capability and capacity uplift across the business.

Built-in Accountability

Managers are a key part in the development journey and are included

Managers attend part of the initial live workshop and during the program will support participants with feedback and with a delivery planning meeting. Managers also receive informative emails throughout the program to stay abreast of the development journey, support participants to stay on track and link the learning back to development planning.

Purpose-built leadership development tool for self assessment & feedback purposes

Establish The Key Systems &
Frameworks That Are Often Neglected...

Elevate Your Leaders

  • Strategic View & Activity
  • Time Management
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Growth Mindset
  • Confidence & Self-Belief
  • Brand as a Go-To Leader
  • Self Awareness

Elevate Their Leadership

  • Solid Management Fundamentals
  • Team Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Systems & Tools
  • Developing People
  • Strategic Activity
  • Delivery & Planning
  • Aligning People
  • Creating and Sharing a Vision

Elevate Their Careers

  • Career Planning
  • Informal Mentors
  • Build Networks
  • Create Opportunities
  • Align with Purpose & Strengths

Customisable & co-branded

The program can be tailored to suit your organisation’s leadership framework etc. Add your logo, a welcome video from your CEO and lessons/resources specific to your business.

The ‘Elevate in 90 days’ program challenged my assumptions and approach to leading a team of 60 in a complex environment. It’s helped me to lead better, to stay on course and to have the resilience and energy to ride the waves of the storms that inevitably occur in all leadership roles. The tools have helped me to manage the ‘noise’ and focus my efforts on the activities that benefit my team and organisation.  I delegate better, I communicate better and I’m more strategic and less reactive. The program and the tools provide lifelong benefits.

Malcolm Gibson - Chief Radiographer Dandenong Hospital, Monash Health

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How would it transform the growth, impact & results in your business if every team leader & manager was empowered with:

Or perhaps the better question is, what is it costing the organisation if they don't know how to do this activity NOW?

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